Not the damned Romans again!

No- not my useless lot who have registered 20 losses and 1 very close draw. These were Ross' Marian Romans who dared to challenge the might of Parthia!
I can talk like that because I know the result!!
Ross configured his army to maximise his cavalry and missile firepower. I did what the Parthians always did. I fielded Cataphracts- armoured men on armoured horses - light cavalry (who created the famous Parthian shot) and a few assorted skirmish types. 
The terrain was broken up by some rough ground and woods and a few hills. Now I would prefer flat open terrain- but you can't have everything.
Ross commanded his own left flank which was made up entirely of Armenian allies- their own Cataphracts and light horse to counter mine! He faced Nick who commanded my right. The Roman centre was the formidable legions, commanded by Chris. Paul led the Roman right. 

My Cataphracts chase Paul's light cavalry.

The action was fairly general along the line with violent charges, evading lights and skirmishers firing furiously.  The crucial turning point arrived when Ross' Armenian allied general was killed leading the Armenian cataphracts......and the Armenians on the left flank all fled.....the end was only a matter of time.

Skirmishing and manoeuvre. My light horse get in close to fire at the Legions. My skirmishers in support on the right.

Nick vs Ross. Ross' cataphracts in the distance and 3 units of his lights skirmishing with one of mine in the distance. Ross fought valiantly but after the death if the Armenian general, the Romans were deserted by their Armenian Allies. 

The Cataphracts: manoeuvring to get stuck in.

My light horse harass the Legions!

My Cataphracts hit the Roman cavalry........the Parthians won!

I'm having a good day with the dice!!

The Parthian center and right

My Cataphracts advance

The Parthian Cataphracts against the Armenian Cataphracts- the Parthians won. A Parthian general was attached as was an Armenian general (in the background). The fall of this general in the mid game meant that the Roman left collapsed....and The Parthians carried the day.


  1. Great report, splendid armies, especially the Cataphracts for me, really impressive...

    1. Thank you! Nothing like fully armoured men and horses for making a mess of the enemy!