¡No pasarán! More Spanish Civil War.

The Spanish Civil War is a popular gaming period for the Brothers as it enables us to give vent to our wide range of political views. I hold the correct ones...the others are just fascist bastards. 
Anyway there is a huge variety of units, colourful characters and some fascinating history. Paul has always had a keen interest as he is a bit of an Anarchist himself, but it's Phil's outstanding collection (with a small addition of some of my crap) that brings this period to life. For Phil, no unit is complete without a proper flag! So he arrived with box after box of lovely painted figures..and mine were duly relegated to the cupboard as his are much nicer!!

Situation Report:
A town in southern Spain is being held by the Nationalist forces. It is being besieged by a substantial Republican force who have been notified that a relieving force from the Army of Africa is on its way to lift the siege.

The Table: In the foreground the citadel of the besieged town with the outer buildings etc just beyond the walls. The rear of the photo is the Republican position and some trenches facing the town.

Besieged: (Ross)
 Squads from the Nationalist Army Reg.No2 and No. 53: Plus supporting weaponry ( an anti tank gun and mortar) and a Unit of the Falange (Fascist Militia)

Besieging Republicans (Good Guys - Phil and I ) 
The Bulk of the Republican army were units  from the the 44th Div and the
15th International  Brigade, plus two artillery pieces  and two MMGs
Also some UHP militia and some Anarchists who couldn't make up their minds.

Relieving Force ( Paul): 
Army of Africa:   2 squads of  the Legion from the 8th and 10th Banderas
supported by a harka from  the Moroccan Tiradores. plus a mortar and one of the most unusual of Franco's supporters- a unit of White Russians!!

The Citadel Walls

The outskirts of the town

The Republican position- trenches and barbed wire as they fought their way towards the walled citadel.

The end of the table- the relieving Fascists would arrive from the right!
 The Republicans objective was to take a number key buildings on the outskirts of the town while the besieged Nationalists had to stop this. The relieving force were tasked with seizing a number of buildings that were key to the Republican position. Should they succeed the Republicans would be force to withdraw- even if the took the buildings near the Citadel.

Things seem to go well initially for the Republicans as they created casualties on the relieving force but failed to pin down the Moroccans, Legion or White Russians.  On the other side of the table I failed to move fast enough to get into a good positions and Ross' Fascists beat me to the punch. Our artillery failed to make too much of an impression, except on the inexperienced scumbags of the Falange. Things went down hill fast when one of my best units was pinned by mortar and MMG fire. A failed Rally attempt saw the dreaded double 6 rolled on the FUBAR chart...and my brave but stupid Republicans then shot up my supporting machine gun!! I blame Phil- he rolled the double 6..........
The whole table.

 Paul's attackers didn't bother with rifle fire- they just went in, with the usual Legion and Moroccan way- knives, bayonets, entrenching tools and grenades. By turn four the Republican defence had begun to crumble.
Phil was thrilled with the way the game had played out. I told him to shut up.
Ross and Paul were delighted at their overwhelming victory. I told them to shut up too.
It wasn't supposed to end this way.
Fascists -1. Republicans- 0.
The Republican MMG facing the Army of Africa- this well placed weapon team did some damage to both the White Russians and one of the Legion Bandera's....and was one of the last Republican units left at the end of a very bloody game.

Ross' Nationalists leave their low rock wall to move forward into a better position.

Viva La Legion- the boys from Africa arrive- Two Legion Bandera's in front- the Moroccans on the right in the seconds wave, the White Russians on the left. They wore Legion Uniforms with Carlist red berets.

The 15th International Brigade in the trenches.

Republicans of the 44th Div with artillery fire at the defenders.

The Anti tank gun of the defenders in the gateway to the citadel.

Ross' f*cking mortar- the fascist swine hit one of my units, forced them to ground, they refused all attempts to get up and on one die roll of double six went FUBAR and shot up one of my MMGs!!!

Above and below- Ross' MMG- it help the mortar cause real problems for my men when they moved forward to seize their objectives.

Republican troops move to secure a very Arab looking building- the Nationalist defenders are in the trench opposite.

The White Russians leapfrog through the Legion and advacne on the Republican position- the UHP militia can be seen to the left manning the walls ( Uníos Hermanos Proletarios or United Brothers of the Proletariat)

Moroccans and Legionaries.

The UHP take up positions to deal with the Legion and White Russians....with support from the second story window MMG- they were not successful. (Note to self- do not rely on inexperienced militia to deal with hardened veterans. It doesn't work.)

The Legion destroyed the UHP and took up positions to deal with the MMG.

The Legion move through the Russians after massacring another unit of UHP.

One of the last Republican Units left, with the Nationalist army to their fronts and on the extreme left a unit of the Falange, moving up to finish them off.


  1. Nice looking board and minis John. Great to see the Bolt Action rules fitting in.

    1. Thanks Spyros. Pity you missed it. It was a good game.

  2. Interesting to see that Bolt Action rules worked well for this scenario, in our group we have used
    armour as well as the infantry support weapons etc to good effect using the rules without modification.
    we also found an 8 game move allowed to get a definite result in more games.
    I look forward to more of you well presented scenarios

    1. Thanks for looking in. The rules are very adaptable, but there are only a few minor changes that we needed to make. And even with such a big table and 4 players the game flowed really well.

  3. Very nice AAR - Cracking terrain.

    1. Thanks Stuart!. We liked the layout so much, Phil insisted that we use the exact layout for our next Spanish Civil War game.

  4. The table is stunning, good looking game!

  5. What a great report, love this splendid table and these great looking minis...beautiful job on the photos as well...

  6. Thanks for looking in Phil.

  7. A very nice game. What brand are the figures?

    1. Hi,
      thanks for looking in. They are mainly Empress miniatures with some old FAA too.

  8. Very cool well done battle report! Thank you for posting:) Great Terrain and Mini's.