French Paras - Indochina.

Years ago I read a great book by Bernard B Fall called 'Hell in a very small place" about the siege of Dien Bien Phu. Well, I had always thought that I would love to game the French in Indochina against the Viet Minh.  You know how it is- in the dark recesses of our minds we're always dreaming up some new project that will be the biggest and best we've ever done with superlative terrain, beautiful figures...and the best rules ever written.
Well that's probably not going to happen but I can only dream!
When Red Star released their Indochina range I was certain that sooner or later I was going to spend some cash to add to the mountains of unpainted lead piling up in boxes under the stairs. Before I could do that, however,  I came across these little beauties on ebay....and I grabbed them!
Now I've got to build some terrain....and get some Viet Minh.
The photos don't really do the figures justice.  The first 11 are under fluoro lights..the others are in direct sunlight. I think taking the photos in bright sunlight may not highlight them to best effects. Maybe I need to get a better camera!


  1. Mate,we have to baptise these in a game.

  2. They look like a great purchase.
    Just that one short read and look what happens.

    1. Thanks Stu...yes...see what happens when you start reading books!