Hannibal's anniversary- But Cannae do it again?? Sorry for the bad pun.

The 2nd of August 2015 was the anniversary of one of Rome's greatest defeats- and an opportunity for Nick to put his Carthaginians on the table and for Paul to put his Republican Romans on the table. The important thing was that- as every one agreed- there was no chance of MY Romans going anywhere near the table given my previous results ( see last blog!). They did make the mistake of allowing me to command Romans...and using some of my cavalry to make up the numbers!

Ross, Paul and I were Varro et al and Nick and Geoff did the Hannibal bit. Refighting such a well known battle always has the potential to just follow the course of history, especially if the original deployment is followed.
Nevertheless, following the historical layout, the game was on!

View from the Roman third line.

Ross and Paul put me in the middle- and by default I was Varro. At first I thought that my two mates have not read this Blog at all in the last year or so- as they would have realised that I have not won one a game with Republican Romans in two years. But I was overwhelmed by their faith. I would like to say that I returned the trust they placed in me...............poor misguided fools!!

I am sure that the erudite and learned readers of this blog will know the course of this historical encounter and the 'double envelopment' that destroyed the Roman army. Well as the Brothers also know the course and outcome - we Roman players knew how to deal with it.
There was going to be no double envelopment here!!

High hopes indeed.

Opening action on the Roman left
I despatched some of my third line Triarii to support the respective flanks.  We thought that with this extra support we should have held the flanks, smashed through the centre and ultimately won.

The legions nearly smashed through the centre, and the Triarii were despatched to each flank......but they didn't get there in time- or were out of command radius by the time they got there.
Ross and Paul fought well on the flanks...but I remember looking at Ross' cavalry in turn 4. When I glanced over at the end of turn 5..they were all gone.....destroyed by a combination of Geoff's Spanish, Gallic and Numidian cavalry.  Ross just shrugged.
'Don't blame me,' he shrugged. 'They were your cavalry.'
He was right....they were the cavalry from my army as Paul's was a bit short. That explained everything. Note to self- DON'T use any figures from MY Roman Army EVER again.
In the end the Carthaginian cavalry got in behind the Legions....and we had a repeat of history.
Ross and Paul blamed me for our defeat.
Nick and Geoff congratulated me on a successful display of historical reenactment.

Screw you guys. Next time I'm gonna play the Carthaginians.

Roman Right.

Triarii move to the right to deal with the Carthaginian Cavalry.

The Triarii see enemy cavalry off to their left in the later stages of the game.

........somebody is gonna get hurt real soon.

The Roman cavalry on the Left Flank.

The Center of Hannibal's line......and the Great Man himself behind his warband.

The  Numidians 

Hannibal's left moves forward

The Romans wait.

The centre. Historians know that Hannibal put his warband in crescent formation......our Modern Hannibal (Nick) decided to straighten the line out !!  Sacrilege! Heresy!!  

The Cartho center is crumbling.....but they hold on....just.

Ross' Roman Cavalry on the Roman right-  they were there in turn 4....and vanished by the end of turn five - quite a spectacular collapse!

The left flank Carthaginian cavalry swing around to get behind the Romans.

Triarii try to hold on as they get hit on the Roman left. 

The later stages: The Romans are pushing the remains of the Celts and Spanish Warband- but the flanks are beginning to crumble.


  1. Looks great - I am perusing various manufacturers as I have gotten the Punic bug after reading Goldsworthy's book over the last week. SO lovely to see a collection like this on the table.

    1. Thank you! Most of the Brothers have one side or the other! They are popular armies- and are close fought battles.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Spyros! We've got to catch up soon.

  3. Fantastic lines of battle and great looking game!