Samurai vs Samurai.

In a previous blog I wrote about Nick's purchase of a beautifully painted Samurai army.  I also have a Samurai army, but as Nick pointed out it was not big enough. So I told him exactly what I thought of that: lend me part of his.  He thought about this for a brief period and then agreed.  Not too many of us can put as many figures on the table as Nick can as he likes to play games 'in a grand manner' with maximum points, maximum space and enough lead to buckle the table.  He had over 1500 points, I had under 600.  So he lent me enough to even out the points,  he had less cavalry than I did ( I took all the upgrade options) but he had more Samurai and Archer Retainers. I had more monks and light infantry.  The armies were from the Kamakura period and many of the Samurai also carrying bow. This was going to be a tough game with  lots of tough infantry and loads of archery!

My cavalry on my left flank- Ross commanded these guys and he did a good job in taking out the opposing cavalry commanded by Roger- but my centre failed to hold out long enough to take advantage of this!

The centre of our lines had a long bloody attritional stoush- the flanks were a swirling mass of arrows, men and horses and despite our best efforts...Nick's samurai carried the day.

My Samurai in the center.

My right flanks were held by Warrior Monks....and all Aikido masters...see them practising their moves?

My lights advance.

Nick's Line.

Nick's battle line.

Nick's Retainers - all archers on the hill covering his left center- opposite my light infantry.

Nick's line advances.

My Samurai await Nicks battle line.

Here they come!

My lights run towards Nick's retainers- archers at the ready!

The center clashes

My light infantry get massacred!

After getting shot to bits, my lights get stuck in.

The main battle line.

The final moments- Ross' cavalry hit the flank of Nick's line- but by this stage there was a great big hole in my main battle line- It was close...but not close enough. Ross, Phil and I lost.


  1. That's a lot of troops - some of the figures appear to be Dixon?

    1. Thanks Dean. All mine are Dixon. Nick's are all Tin Soldier. For some reason the photos are not really clear. Thanks for looking in.