How many defeats can a wargamer bear????? My Roman Shame....AGAIN.

This game was played late last year after many  humiliating defeats at the hands of Ross' Macedonians. I demanded a rematch to restore the honour of the Roman army and stop the shame and humiliation that had been attached to my family name for generations to come. The table was set up, the rules produced, the armies deployed...and the Romans are persistent if nothing else.

I had high hopes when I deployed my troops. I was wiser after my multiple defeats and was determined not to let Ross and Paul have a victory again !!!
Well rather than bore you all with a long report that basically tries to make excuses for my catastrophic defeat...just look at the photos. Suffice to say I led with my left- held back my right and got kicked in the balls. I give up. The Romans are going into a cupboard and staying there for a while.

My Romans

The Macedonian line

My right flank- elephants, cavalry and skirmishers.

Ross and Paul's left flank- good quality cavalry, light infantry and elephants.

The Phalanx.....these guys certainly look formidable!

The action begins.

The Romans in the foreground- the Macedonians in the distance.

The whole table as both sides advance.

My left flank rested on some rough and rocky ground- and was held by a couple of units of Spanish troops.

Looking down on the extreme right of the Macedonian phalanx.

Paul's light cavalry sweep my slingers away.

General action along my left and center left....a bloody clash ensured

On my right Paul's Agema hit my cavalry.......what was left of my guys was not enough to feed my wife's cat.


This was the crucial point on my right. My cavalry were routed- Paul's lights stuck it to my elephants and then they all swung around behind my flank.

Ground eye view...why is that Spaniard carrying a Roman shield?

The Macedonian on the right- about to slam into my Spanish warband.

The light infantry turned my elephants into oversized pin cushions...poor Jumbo!

Oh VERY clever....I misjudged the Equestrians were supposed to hit the blue cloaked cavalry. Instead I clipped the Phalanx. Then the cavalry slammed into what was left.

In a last desperate attempt to stave off defeat my Roman second in command - attached to the cavalry- launched himself at the Macedonian line. C'est Magnifique- mais ce n'est pas guerre!...he died.

In those photo you can see none of my elephants, none of my cavalry, none of my skirmishers and none of my light troops- they were all dead or fleeing. All you can see are Ross' and Pauls....and my flank hanging in the air.

A unit of Triarii desperately try to stem the tide.  It's not going to work!

The end is nigh. The blue and red caped Macedonian on the right are going to make a mess of my guys pretty soon.

This photo says it all- Macedonian Agema BEHIND my's really gonna get ugly for Rome.


  1. My condolences. Believe me, I can relate. Great looking game.

    1. Thanks Robert. I think I've had 13 or 14 defeats with these guys...and no wins.

  2. Great looking game John - Impetus?

    1. Hi Carlo,
      they are Impetus compatible bases, but we use a home grown set.

  3. Win or lose, great looking game and figures! Love the Elies with Romans.

    1. Thanks Dean- yes they always look so imposing turning my legionaries into toe jam!