Ottomans Vs French Ordonnance

Ross finally got his French Ordonnance Army together- and challenged my Spanish to a game. If you saw my previous blog, my Spanish only have about 12 Units...not enough. But I had another contemporary opponent available- My Ottomans! So a challenge was issued forthwith and I made an appropriate selection of Janissaries, akinjis, spahis, Qapiqulu guard and other assorted rubbish.

Ross' French knights.

I got the jump on him with my deployment. Ross put his formidable Swiss and his Gen d'arms in the center..facing nothing...I put the bulk of my army on my right flank, with a line of Janissaries, my artillery and other infantry on a hill line. They were backed up by my Spahis and some akinjis. On the far flank I had a few Spahis and supporting akinjis. Ross was not happy when he realised that his most potent troops were facing thin air!
The French Commander

THE BOMBARD...very nice!!
The pictures really tell the story- I was able to deal with Ross' army piecemeal....and in fact his four most powerful units- the gendarmes and his Swiss did not even get into contact.
Franc's archers...according to one medieval source..only good for shooting chickens....and so they proved on the day

The formidable Swiss pike block----I was going to avoid these guys

My beloved Janissaries. They performed outstandingly!!.....they're 30 years old (painted by Andy Parr- Hi Andy!) and have fought in more battles than I can remember. Opponents have included, Napoleonic British, French, Russians and Spanish, 17th Century Bavarians, the French of Louis XIV, other Ottomans, Huns, Romans, Greeks, Persians, Egyptians, Mamluks, Mongols, Chinese, Samurai and have even been used in a fantasy games against orcs and elves...heresy!!

The Ottomans on the left- Ross' French on the right. He set up in the center. I weighted one flank heavily. 

The French....very colourful!!

The section of table that faced Ross' army- empty space

The Swiss move forward- but there was nothing there.

My Spahis watch the Swiss advance

My right main position..the Janissaries on a hill

Crunch time- Spahis of the Porte crash into French Knights

The Cavalry clash on the Ottoman left.

One of the Highlights. Ross rolled 8 dice. He scored four sixes!
Nice one...then Nick stepped up to roll. 11 dice...6 hits...way to go Nick.!!!!

My Akinjis riding around the Swiss cushion practice!!

Ross' heavy hitters...they failed to land a punch!!

In the end the Ottoman claimed the beard of the Sultan!!.....But the French want revenge....keep a watch out for the rematch!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Maciek. Ross' army is one of the nicest I've beaten!

  2. A nice looking game with spectacular units, love the colors!

  3. A wonderful game. I have both armies, but I have never dared let my Turks be on a table against the French. I think I will give it a go.

    1. Thanks Robbie...yea I was very lucky that my deployment was unorthodox and had Ross baffled. He wont make the same mistake twice!

  4. Great looking game - Impetus?

    1. Thanks Carlo, Impetus sized bases, but our own home grown set.

  5. John, thanks for uploading the report, a fine looking game with some period correct movement even if the tactical positions were distinctive (and successful).

    1. Thanks Michael. Ross wants a rematch.....and he'll be ready for any unusual deployment...which might mean the traditional Ottoman deployment- Janissaries in the centre with entrenchments and guns..with cavalry on the flank and in front.