Crusaders vs Ayyubids - 28mm

A 28mm stoush between Ayyubids and Crusaders one evening provided some very cheap laughs at the loser's expense! It would be nice to say it was a tough battle, drawn out and close fought, but that would be lying on all three counts! Nick and I were the Ayyubid forces and Paul and Ross played the mighty Crusaders.
It was a resounding victory for the 'Men of God' as Ross calls them, the heavy Crusader nights tore thru their opponents, it was not pretty!!

The right of the Muslim force- Cavalry!

Close up!

My extreme right flank

Mailed Fist- the Knights of Outremer

And again!

Deployment- Crusaders on the right, Ayyubids on the left

Saladin himself?...given the result, I don't think so!

Muslim left flank

Christian main battle line.

Big clash on the Muslim left

Skirmishing with the Muslim lights and the Christian heavies on the Muslim right.

This is where it got real ugly - the Knights tore through the Muslim heavies...without loss

Unstoppable!! Ross' heavies destroyed FOUR enemy units

The centre of the Christian line

The sad sight of the few Ayyubid archers still standing after all their supporting cavalry was dead or fleeing!!


  1. What a nice looking game, splendid armies!

  2. Yep I tried to battle the same Armies a couple of months ago and we could not stand up to the Crusader heavy cavalry either...very very tough.

    1. Thanks Vinnie, I think the idea is to keep the armies the same size- and double the size of the table so there is plenty of room to dance around them and evade!!!

  3. Another superb collection, thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Thanks Michael- stay tuned for the rematch!!