Thracians vs Hellenistic Greeks- A fight and rematch.

Ross was impressed with his new Thracian army. So months ago he invited me over to admire the paint job- and get my butt kicked by his new army.
Thracians? Ptooi. ( That's a spitting sound to the uninitiated.)
Now I do know my ancient literature. Herodotus had claimed that the Thracians were amongst the fiercest warriors in the world and could have conquered everyone- but they were too busy fighting each other.
Okay- so what? - this was 2019. And besides Ross is a sh*tty general. My Greeks were going to teach these northern barbarians a lesson.

The report below was found by archaeologists digging in central Greece, just last week in fact. It was the despatch of an Achaean League general, Crapistos, a well known general, who went missing shortly after this engagement.  Strangely enough, it seems to follow the course of the battle that I fought with Ross.

I Crapistos, general of Achaea, swear by the gods, Zeus Megas and Zeus Ouranius that this report is a true and valid account of my defeat of the Thracian barbarians. There were more Thracians than the Persian Hordes of Xerxes. In the millions they over ran my flanks. But my brave men held on, killing them in the tens of thousands. Each of my men killed at least a thousand of the enemy. My flanks collapsing , my center crushed, but by the gods, it was a glorious victory as the Thracians could not accept the casualties we inflicted. After the death of all my men the Thracians were forced to withdraw!!

The main lines- Thracians on the left, Greeks on the right.

Greek Light troops and cavalry

Thracians skulking behind the woods.

Crapistos' Greek cavalry - they had a tough time against the Thracians and despite 'killing thousands' were wiped out.

The Phalanx- left standing in the middle of the field after all the light troops and cavalry were destroyed or fleeing. It didn't end well for the hoplites.

The Thracians sense victory.

The Greek peltasts and thureophoroi being overwhelmed.

Not a good look when the Thracians are BEHIND your phalanx.

The phalanx being overrun ( there were more Thracians just off shot below)


After incessant demands for a rematch, Ross brought his Thracians out- fearfully, to deal with my Greeks.
 A very close fought game- this time- unlike our previous encounter I concentrated my forces and came close to cracking the Thracians- but in the end a very close fought action that was a draw.

My Phalanx advances boldly- yes to the edge of the wood.

Cavalry clash

My phalanx, in components advancing

Thracians and Peltasts

The phalanx was held up at the edge of the woods....and time ran out.

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