Trouble on the Frontier again

Nick, Evan and James were fascinated by the Indigenous Warriors I had sitting on my shelf.
They demanded a game! So, being a congenial and willing host- the table was set up, the scenario was explained- and we had a good little game!

The warriors arrive- it's been a log summer, food is scarce- but the whitemen seem to have some to spare.

The warbands were hungry- but there was plenty of food available where the whites live.
But unfortunately there were redcoats waiting- and although some of them were killed by the spears of the warriors- more of the men of our tribe fell to the fire sticks- let them keep their food- we must go elsewhere!!

A short fun game that saw events go entirely the way of the redcoats!

Redcoats waiting- rumours had been spreading on the Frontier- the natives were restless- and hungry.

Advance !

'Our orders are to protect the settlers and farmsteads'

There! Thru the trees- movement!

It's just the kangaroos!

'At 60 yards, Volley Fire: Present!

Beware the 'fire sticks'!!

The second section fires a volley that sees the last of the 'hostiles' running

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