Boxer Rebellion - 1900! New project ...yes another one.

Well we've all seen '55 Days in Peking' with Charlton Heston and David Niven. There have been some great games replicating the siege of the Allied Legations and I still have the Wargames Illustrated and Miniatures Wargames editions that both had the participation game by the Staines Wargamers. I think those articles are amongst my all time favourites. Well I sold my Indian Mutiny to Chris about a year ago and put it into some Boxers...and some imperial Chinese troops....soon there were Russian infantry, Italian, Austrian and French sailors, US Marines...etc etc....

British Sailors

I also got some nice buildings, a couple from Adrian's Walls in the UK, some precut ones from Knights of Dice here in OZ. Now the collection is by no means complete and I'm not sure if I will go so far as to do the actual siege- but there are some great scenarios that I could play with the Brothers, using The Men Who Would Be Kings.
I threw some on the table the other day just to get a 'feel' for them. I'm looking forward to getting this on the table in the near future.

French sailors

Boxers and Austrian sailors

Austrian Sailors

A variety of buildings- pre cut and resin.

French Sailors

Chinese Gun

French Sailors


German Seebattalion

US Marines ( I don't see Charlton anywhere.....yet)

Russian Infantry!!


Italian Sailors


  1. Great looking collection! The French sailors are some of favorites.

  2. Splendid uniforms and terrain all around, inspired work on them, love the US marines...

    1. Thank you Phil- yes they have a certain style!

  3. Looking good .Can't wait for the game.

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