Force on Force: War on Drugs- Special forces strike on Cartel base

Evan, Nick, Connor and James wanted a game of Force and Force as they sat in the garage, waxing lyrical about the games from long ago.  So Spyros said- I've got the armed civilians and the special forces team, a couple of planes and other bits- do you have any terrain?
I rummaged around and found some bits and pieces and behold we were ready to go.
Sicario on the edge of the airfield

One side of the table- one plantation.
 SITUATION: The US President, after solving the Middle East, the problems in Africa, the coronavirus problem and the Pepsi vs Coke war decided to deal with the major social issue confronting the nation- The War on Drugs.

The President's new directive is to take the War to the Cartel's doorstep- no matter where they are.
A strike force was put together and given the capability to strike anywhere in the world.

A Force on Force game was played out with 9 Elite SEALS hitting an unnamed drug production facility deep in the jungles of South America.
Road in from the north.
The SEALS had placed demolition charges on two aircraft and the massive fuel dump when a fire fight erupted between Cartel gunmen and the SEALS. Several gunmen were killed as more arrived on the scene.

The superior training and motivation of the SEALS was the key factor in them dominating any opposition. Some well placed bribes before hand, even saw gunmen change sides ( or a FOG of WAR card) and it was looking like the SEALS were going to destroy the whole facility when they received further orders. Intelligence revealed, through the location of his mobile phone, that the head of the Cartel, was in fact on site. Mission parameters were changed and the Teams conferred to radically alter the details of their planning. The High Value Target was far too important to ignore...and this proved the undoing of the SEAL Teams.

Sand bags at one end of the runway

Stuff lying around

One of the buildings where the guards slept

The runway
Changing the direction of their assault, the teams headed after the HVT, but this meant moving further into the Area of Operations- something they had not prepared for.  This change in objective was fully supported by the turncoat gunmen who were happy to hunt for the Cartel leader, until they stepped on an old hidden mine ( another Fog of War card) and they didn't do much after!!

Plantation number 2
The Real tragedy for the SEAL teams was the fact that Bravo team got caught in a crossfire, leaving one dead and one severely wounded. At that point some Cartel Heavies got a heavy machine gun deployed, on the back of a ute (another FOG of WAR card) and Alpha team took a hit. A third of the seals were down, and even the appearance of an unmanned drone taking out a nest of gunmen didn't help as another SEAL was hit by gunfire from the Sicario barracks.

With four casualties and under fire from different directions, the SEALS withdrew to their original Point of Entry, rather than the planned for Point of Extraction and left the airfield a smouldering ruin- but the plantation in tact- not the hoped for outcome!
One of the main buildings

Add caption

The President's new aggressive policy has seen some great success in the first mission. Two valuable aircraft were destroyed, enormous amounts of fuel were destroyed and many of the Cartel's gunmen were neutralised. Additionally the head of the Cartel is on the run.  A great success!

Planes on the edge of the airstrip

The airstrip

Product and cash

Hired heavies- Heffe and the boys?

Another one

Sicario in the main barracks

Alpha Team- They had laid demolition charges on the aircraft and along with Bravo Team- just appearing bottom right, rigged the large ammunition and fuel cache to make a nice big bang.

The Cartel's gunmen moving

Cartel gunmen moving thru the fields to get to the SEALS

The hired thugs of the cartel moving to deal with the SEALS.

Team Charlie- to the left Team Bravo behind the sandbags. The Team had just taken two hits from Sicario. ( I was using and old Flames of War pinned marker)

Cartel heavies firing.

Seal Teams to the left of the burning fuel dump.

Looks like John Wick???

Are your sure- it looks like him!

Bravo Team, pinned down, taking casualties, failing tests- and not looking good.

The "Technical" in the back ground. This damned MMG was a real headache for the SEALS.

The fuel dump and planes on fire

The main building- accomodation- the roof off,  as two Sicario at the far end shoot at the Seal Teams.

The table, the airfield with US forces racing across past the smoking wrecks of the demolished aircraft.

The table- Airstrip to the right. Main production centre in the middle.

The 'turncoat cartel', hunting for the head of the Cartel

The Head of the Cartel, dropping his bundle of cash- and making a run for it.


  1. Excellent battle report! Not familiar with the rules but it looked fun.

    1. Thanks Jonathan. They're a great set of rules- but very different from the Igo-Ugo style.

  2. Excellent narrative and great looking game.
    Reminds me that I must polish off my FonF rules and get a game in.
    Good to see John Wick getting in on the action (he gets everywhere?!?! ...I didn't see his dog though ...ah wait, that's why he's here - REVENGE!!!).

    1. Thank you Monsieur Duc! FonF are lots of fun- especially when the Fog of War cards are played- that's how John Wick turned up looking for more bad guys!!

  3. Great report John! Looked like a lot of fun.

  4. Like your pics...where are you getting your plastic foliage ....Glasgow Warhogs

    1. Thanks Warhog! The long grass i've had for nearly 25 years- bought in the fake plant section of a Hot Dollar shop ( like a $2 shop). It was in big 1' x1' sections which I broke up and glued to 5cent coins.

  5. Yes I've heard of these plants on sheets...but never seen them. I see them on ebay but only from China. Might try getting them from China. ..maybe later on...there are effective at breaking up the table.

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