Latest addition to my Marlburians- The Garde Suisse (Swiss Guard)

As most of the Brothers know, my obsession over the last 6 years has been my War of the Spanish Succession Collection. It has become pretty extensive over that time and we've had some great games- as well as our recent Jacobite Rebellion of the '15 campaign.

As my French Army had grown quite considerably (26 battalions and 25 squadrons) I decided to add further to the Guards - The Maison de Roi. I have two Battalions of the Garde Francais and one Squadron of the Grenadiers a Cheval.
So I added two new Battalions of the Swiss Guard- resplendent in their Red tunics and Blue facings- I just have to do the flags and finish dry brushing and flocking the bases!
Until next time!!


  1. Fantastic work on these mate

    looking forward to seeing them

  2. Thanks Chris, along with the Grenadiers A Cheval and the French Guard, they make a formidable force!

  3. Look well done!

    I enjoy the look of these!