Bundeswehr and French Foreign Legion

My son and I have obviously gotten into Force on Force from Osprey and Ambush Alley games in a big way. We recently ordered more troops from Eureka Miniatures to add to our Taliban and US Marines. Nick (junior) ordered the German Bundeswehr and I couldn't resist the Foreign Legionnaires with their FAMAS rifles. I ordered them with  berets (painted green for the Legion- red is for the other French paras) rather than helmets because I prefer the figures with the berets rather than the helmets.

The Bundeswehr

The Bundeswehr Flecktarn is very hard to paint. I tried a number of different ways and in the end found it just best to have a darker multi hued undercoat  with the lighter 'dots' in various colours over the top......they turned out okay...but I'm not sure that it really reflects the proper camouflage! My son liked them, so that's good enough!!

A photo of the real stuff!

The Legionnaires

The whole lot
 In the end I was much happier with the Legion figures as I was able to get the right feel for the modern French camouflage...although I don't think I could duplicate it again! I was doing a bit of mix, match and splash and forgot to record the colours that I used!

I really like these guys!

More Bundeswehr

The Germans looking like they mean business!

We only bought about a dozen for each force- 12 for the Germans and 10 for the French. That's the beauty of Force on Force- you can have a good solid game with a dozen figures a side. That is unless you have good quality professionals against some unmotivated irregular militia types....then you're in trouble. You'll need a lot more than a dozen!!!


  1. I very much like these Eureka figures and your paint jobs. Nice to see some different troop types on the table and these Legion and Bundeswehr give plenty of scope for small scale interventions (now the Germans are allowed to deploy outside their own borders). I notice the German quartermaster has thoughtfully provided his men with a stein or two of fizzy lager by the looks of that barrel!

  2. Mate fantastic. I like them better than my ones. I'm going to have to commission you to paint the rest of my minis.

    Bring on the next game. HOORAH!

  3. Thanks Rusty- yes the Germans have insisted on going into action with FULL Lowenbrau kit...not just field kit. Hopefully they'll get to see some action soon- outside the Bierhall!

  4. Thanks Spyros- they turned out better than I excpected.....time for the Legion to get into a scrap!