The Marine Commandos are here!

No not the ROYAL Marines Commando....I put the Bootnecks in a past blog. This time it's the Compania de Commando Anfibios (Ca Cdo Anf)- the Argentine Marine Commandos. - and I intend to make them double up as Marines that fought at places like Mt Tumbledown as well.

Armed with the FN FAL and Sterling SMGs

Now you would think that painting these guys should be straight forward. But no.....I have two pictures that make them look very different. So although the photo and the colour print are different, they both say that they wore olive green. So (see next picture) I collected all my greens/olives/mosses/ khakis...and tried to match the colour.....not an easy task.

In the end , once I settled on my colours I was quite happy with the results! Now it's a matter of putting them up against the bootnecks of the Royal Marine Commandos and the Scots Guards!

The Ca Cdo Anf's first action was the initial attack on Port Stanley in April 1982 and there they clashed with NP8901 the Royal Marine garrison of the Falklands - this action was credited to the Buzo Tactico- but it was in fact  the Marine Commandos.

I intend to mix them in with the regular Marines  later on when I've painted some more Argies!
But at this stage, they'll get a trial run against the Royal Marines!


  1. They look good - nice poses. Dean

  2. A "salty" looking bunch of Marines you have yourself there John. Nice work. Aye, Rusty

  3. Mate I'm sure going to have to hire you to paint my minis.
    They look fantastic.

  4. Sorry mate. Last coment was mine. Spyros.

  5. I'm defanatly going to have to comission you to paint my minis.

    Nice, realy nice. Spyros.