Bolt Action- vehicle purchase

I've already got loads of World War II stuff but I bought these on ebay at a very reasonable price! A couple of Marders for my Germans. I like the idea of having stuff other than the usual loads of Panthers and Tigers every one seems to have! At 1/48th scale they make a nice addition to all my other vehicles and figures! It's one of my favorite gripes that I can buy loads of diecast 1/32nd scale armoured vehicles.....but the ready made 1/48th or 1/56th diecast is hard to find!
 (You can tell that gaming is a bit thin on the ground ..I'm resorting to blogging my purchases!)- Hopefully they will be on the table for a game soon!


  1. Love the pics mate.

    What happend to the pics of the last bolt action game we played?

    1. It will be posted within the next week or so!