Bolt Action. Red Berets vs the SS

Spyros and I fought our boys, Evan and Nick, one afternoon during the school holidays. It was a simple scenario. Some Diehard SS were defending two bridges and some British Airborne, less their parachutes and on foot were given armoured support. They had 6 turns to capture two bridges. Spyros and I were the Paras, the boys were the SS.
SS Squad in a ruined house with a Sturmgeschutz in support to the right

The Paras were shipped to the point of contact with US halftracks and trucks and had two Shermans and two Churchills in support. The 'bad guys' had a Sturmgeschutz and a Marder as well as a dug in Pak 40.

Marder moves past the bridge
As time was limited we agreed on 6 turn game with no extension. That was the 'good guys' undoing. Spyros and I did it all right. We deployed our Paras by diemsbarking them as far forward as possible without putting our vehicles in danger. We had the support companies in position to support the advance. The armour moved up in good order....and despite our doing it all 'by the book' it took us too long to over come the SS defenders. One Squad of Paras even charge the crew of the Pak 40 on the last turn....and got beaten back! the end we coudl see the bridges but we didn't get onto them in time!
SS Squad and Pak 40.

The Table with the bridges on the closest side. Paras entered on the far end

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Side View. Bridges to the right. Paras came on to the left.

SS Squad and Sturmgeschutz

SS in the house.

MG 42

MG 42

SS Squad move into position

PAK 40

Paras disembark from their loaned US Halftrack

The Paras move into the open

The Sherman's take fire from the German Armour

Long range fire!

Para assault the gun position near the southern bridge....and get beaten back!!


  1. I guess we could say it was a case of "One bridge to far". Spyros

    1. Yes! That's funny! A Bridge too Far! Now where have I heard that before?

  2. What a great battlefield! Very nice pictures, the Marder and the MG42 in the house are my favourites, great work!

    1. Thank you Phil. I think the MG42 in the house is my favourite too!