Persians and Greeks

A nice little game was played in the dark depths of winter recently. Geoff was the Greeks and Roger played the forces of the King of Kings, Xerxes. This historical match up also ended in a historical result; the Persians started well, looked sharped, deployed soundly, moved efficiently....and lost. It must be the '300' effect!

The Deployment: Greeks on the left, Persians on the right,


The Spartans.

Persian Cavalry

Move to engage.

A good view of the Persian left flank cavalry- lots of them.

The Greek Cavalry- not as numerous as the Persians...but solid phalanx to back it up!

Peltasts race forward.

Engagement imminent.

Persian Cavalry about to hit the Greek line....the Spartans will stop them....but the slingers didn't get out of the way!

Phalanx vs Persians- the Phalanx in depth won.

The Greeks smash into the Persian line- there were some Persian left I'm sure...but I couldn't find any!!

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