The Ottomans Emerge

In the last few weeks I haven't had the opportunity to be humiliated again on the wargames table as I've been too busy with work- clearly my priorities are seriously wrong! It has given me the chance, however, to open up several box files and drag my old 28mm Ottoman army into the sunlight, dust them off and rebase them. These guys haven't seen any action in 10 years...but that's gonna change. They look sharp- the colours are nice and the new basing makes them look great. No more dark box files for these guys...they'll go on a shelf next to the Army of Louis XIV!

The Janissaries

Heavy Infantry

Heavy Infantry

The Vizier!

Loads of Akinjis!

The Janissaries with Skirmishers

The BIG guns.



  1. Looking Good John.
    It's amazing what new life we can bring to our old minis with some nice basing.

  2. Impressive array of Ottomans! Good to see the in the light of day, splendid.

    1. Thanks Dean. Hopefully they will do better than my Republican Romans!

  3. John, I regularly google sites for 25-28mm Ottomans. Great to see your collection of Hinchliffe and Essex miniatures. Nicely painted. Have posted a link on my blog for the interest of visitors. Look forward to seeing your collection on the wargames table. Do visit my blog, just put up an article on Ottoman intervention in Spain. MGB (Scimitar and Crescent Wargames)

  4. Thanks for looking in MGB ! They are oldies but goodies- and longtime veterans! Will be checking out your blog shortly!

  5. They look good still these guys.....great to see them out again.