World War I action- 1918.

Something we haven't done in a while,  but some of the Brothers expressed the sentiment that given it was the 100 year anniversary of the Great War, we should put some metal on the table and roll some dice- so out came my figures (the Commonwealth troops) and Phil's (the Germans), the table was prepared for a scenario- a late war one- and the game was on.

The Mission: German Stormtroopers have broken through along a wide front in late March 1918. A small village, held by a mixture of Australian and British troops must stop them continuing their advance and from taking the major railway bridgehead- just off table.

The Allied position looking from the German advance. A small dugout to the right of the village. To the left a more comprehensive slit trench.

The Germans had two full battalions, one tank, machine guns, mortars (big heavy ones!) and field artillery. Their opponents had  a similar force of infantry but no guns or mortars.but the advantage of the defence. 
The Germans raced forward quickly, with their heavy weapons pulverising the Commonwealth position. There was some discussion as to the length of time required to soften up the defenders- but as someone said " that's not much of a game!" - so the Germans barrelled forward. They were held up by the defensive position on their right, but some MG fire, a few rounds of artillery and some grenades cleared these houses. On the German left, things looked grim for the attackers as the lone German tank rolled forward, began firing at extreme range......and then suffered a mechanical failure as it crossed the railroad tracks. The German attack stalled and the last act was a lone German Stormtrooper who raced forward with a flame thrower and managed to burn the defenders out of one house....and then received a hail of MG fire for his bravery!

View across the allied position

The Australians!

COMMAND GROUP: Interrogation in the ruins of a church.
" We want more than your name rank and serial number Corporal !"

British MGs

The allied reinforcements- The allied tank (nicely painted by Phil) never got into action due to the fact that the German attack was spent by the time it got there!

The Germans advance......doesn't look like Stormtrooper tactics!

The German support

Aussie defenders- probably chosen because it was the remains of a pub!

MG in a sandbag position.

Germans: Vorwarts!!

Allied reserve.

The allied center- the Stormtroopers fight their way in!

The German tank stalls on the railway track- not the best on German engineering!!

Atmospheric shot- through a shell hole in the ruins.

The last act- the lone German with the flamethrower, attacks the remaining defenders in the ruined house. 


  1. John, this report is amazing, interrogation in the church is my favourite picture, as well as your 'atmospheric' one...really excellent!

    1. Thanks Phil! The photos did come out well- and we hope to have some more Great War games soon. Thanks for looking in.

  2. Hi John.
    Let me know when you put one on again. looks fantastic.

    1. Hi Spyros. We did this some time last year. Will let you know when we get another one going!

  3. John great looking game.
    What rules did you use?

    1. Hi Stu,
      thanks for looking in. We used the "Great War' Rules from Warhammer Historical.

  4. Great Layout ! interesting write up and professional looking pictures ,looking forward to reading and looking at
    More WW1 games .

    1. Thank you! We hope to get some more WWI on the table soon!

  5. Fun looking game with great figures and terrain. I do like urban combat scenarios for WW1 - trench warfare really gets stagnant even in gaming.

    1. Thanks Dean, yes the urban scenario makes a change.