Normans don't like Normans.

     Over the years, when you have known some of the Brothers as long as we have known each other, some of us find ourselves thinking along the same lines. As they say, great minds think alike, and morons never differ. take your pick! Anyway I said to Ross the other day in a very excited state that I  had finished my Norman army. 
His response was precise and to the point. 'Who cares? I finished mine weeks ago.'  Clearly at some stage in the last year or so we had decided to build the same army. To be honest, he did start before me, I got inspired, hence the conversation above. 
Now in my mind that sort of answer is a sign of disrespect and lack of enthusiasm  which deserves to be thrashed out on the table. So it was Norman vs Norman.

First clash of the Cavalry: the Normans won this round!

Now with so many Normans on the field, we deployed our cavalry on the wings and our infantry in the center. There was no real tactical finesse from the Normans.....they all just charged!

The Normans broke through in the center- and they were victorious on the left wing. But on the right the Normans broke through and swung round to hit the Normans in the you've probably guessed from this report that I am very confused.....but you won't be surprised to learn that the Normans won!!!

The Norman infantry follow up behind their skirmishers. In the distance- more Normans!

Big cavalry scrimmage! Go the Normans.

Norman Heavy Cavalry stand

Heavy Cavalry clash

The Normans roll very successfully!!


Normans attack!

Shoot man!
At who sir?
The Normans dammit!

Heavy cavalry

A swirling melee across the table!

Norman cavalry- charge!

Norman Cavalry ride down Norman bowmen....I am so confused!!!

Norman Infantry line...awaiting the advance of the Normans!

One Norman commander leads his Normans against the other bastards.


  1. If I knew this game was on I would have put a bet on the Normans winning .

  2. Normans belting the crap out of each that's what I call a brutal fight.

    1. It was brutal!! The battlefield was strewn with Norman dead.......and only the bloody and battered Normans were left standing!