Army of Louis XIV vs The Grand Alliance

Four brothers assembled to fight an early 18th Century clash that had nearly all of my Louis XIV and Marlborough's army on the table. Nearly 30 Battalions per side and over 30 squadrons on each side battled it out over the course of a long hot bloody day.

The Battlefield: in the foreground to the left, the Redcoats commanded by Chris, The Prussians arriving to support. And to the right the French regiments commanded by yours truly.
The game was loosely modelled on Ramilles, one of Marlborough's great victories. On the allied side the majority of the infantry were on the right and the cavalry were in the left, representing the deployment of the armies of the day. The terrain on the allied right was very hilly with a number of woods. On the extreme left a small town with the area in between a large open area of rolling fields.

Rather than start with all our forces in formal deployment on the table edge i advanced all the units to just out of musketry or charge by turn two the action was fast, bloody and furious.

By day's end the French Cavalry had valiantly held off repeated allied assaults but were too weak to hold. The allied infantry, with their superior firepower (British and Dutch platoon firing) made short work of the French infantry ( some Pike and Shot armed!). Allied troops held the field with tactical advantage and the Brothers slumped down exhausted after having moved over 1500 figures around during the course of the battle - multiple times in fact!
 A stiff drink was needed!!

The table: In the left front, the slightly curved line is the British battalions in the advanced position.
Advancing behind them are more British battalions  and some supporting Prussian battalions.
Just off photo at the bottom left corner are advancing Danish battalions.

My dragoon brigades in front: Regiments  Firmacon (Green/Yellow) Royal (Blue/Red) and D'Asfeld (Green/Red), and moving up in support Foote Regt Auvergne ( Black/Purple Flag) and Bavarians next to them

The Redcoats forming the second line- Chris handled these troops so well that by the end of the days play they were still holding firm. Of the eleven regiments present, seven were still holding their ground at the end of the day and for the loss of four regiments had accounted for 7 french battalions. 

Danish Regiment Prince Christian

British 3rd Dragoons

French foreign brigade. Royal Italian in brown and in front Regt Fitzgerald.

Two Battalions of The Garde Francais in reserved

French Cavalry advanced

The opposing Dutch Cavalry: The grey flag: Nassau- Saarebruk regt . Next Line Regt Stadtholder de Frise and behind them British Regiment Windsor's horse ( Later 3rd DRG)

Austrian Cuirassier Regt Cusani advances: these guys ploughed into the French line and caused serious damaged, but suffered heavy casualties in return.

Dutch Foot

The allied left: Squadrons of Dutch , Danish, Austrian and British cavalry advance against the French. The red arrows show the first charges by allied troops in game turn two.

The Allied right- Firefight British regiments (Leven's, Blood's, Churchill's and Orrey's) vs French ( Regts Picardie with Beauvoisis to their left) with Bavarians behind!

Cavalry actions: Nassau-Saarebruk charges the French La Reine Regiment.

La Couronne Regt advances against the town (Taviers) on the extreme left of the allied flank. Being held by dismounted British Dragoons and Swiss Regiment Sturler.

French Regiment Picardie advances to support La Couronne
It was the French inability to clear this town by game's end that meant that the allies maintained the upper hand.

The allied cavalry advance. Dutch, British, Danes, Austrians.

Royal Dragoon Regiment, with two squadrons of D'Asfeld with Foot Regt. Auvergne in supprt ( A bit too close!)

I have a couple of brigades with units armed with pike- I threw them into the fray as well...why not? I don't discriminate!
Regiment Schellenberg on the left . Regiment Salis to the right and Regiment Alsace in support. (All in their  pre1689 uniform- sorry to the purists)

Loads of Cavalry- The southern end of the battlefield was a huge swirling cavalry melee.

Regt Fitzgerald about to engage the Buffs, with Royal Italian, Regt Bulkeley and Bavarians in support

Two Battalions of Regiment Bourbon defend the hamlet in the centre of the French line.

Two battalion of Regt Piedmont about to be overwhelmed by four British Battalions. Chris played the British very well- causing horrendous casualties amongst my French foot.

French Regt Du Dauphin ( in 1672 uniform!!!!!)

Regiment  Bulkeley (Irish), charges the Buffs

Dutch Regiment Schlangenburg

Moments after the Bulkeley Regiment charged, they were defeated and had their Colours captured by the Buffs....and then faced the Royal Italian Regt with artillery. Chris didn't care- he accepted the challenge and won.
The  Buffs ( Churchill's own) were one of the most successful Allied Battalions on the day!

The swirling  cavalry melee on the French right.


  1. Spectacular lines of battle John, absolutly fabulous!

    1. Thank you Phil! The long lines always look good.

  2. Fantastic game! I drooled over these pics and the commentary!

  3. Wow! That is one very impressive array of Marlburian finery!

  4. Thank you- about 30 battalions each side!