Spanish vs Swiss

Nick recently bought Ralph's large Swiss army. This naturally meant that challenges were issued to all and sundry.  Some of the lads assembled in amongst the detritus of my garage to see the pike armed fanatics from central Europe take on the Catholic fanatics of south western Europe- my Spanish.

We played quite a large game and Nick fielded over 20 pike units. The Swiss were in their traditional 3 block formation with the Duke of Lorraine providing some much needed cavalry support. Nick and Ralph were the Swiss.

My Spanish, the army of Gonsalvo de Cordoba, went with his usual formation- fortifications in the field!! I also had a preponderance of cavalry and lots of very shooty types with arquebus, and some poor quality pikes. Phil and Ross joined me to command the Spanish.
The Spanish Left Flank. Jinetes, Knights and arquebus

I deployed the bulk of my cavalry on my left , the pikes and some shot next to them, then my pikes in the centre next to my field fortifications. The defences had more arquebus men and my artillery. On my right a few units of jinetes, the superb Spanish light cavalry.

With my deployment set,  the screens were removed and the Swiss certainly looked formidable. I had guessed correctly as the bulk of my cavalry faced Nick's cavalry which I outnumbered. he had two knights and two light cavalry, I had the same number of knights but 5 light cavalry. It would be on this flank that the game would be decided. But only just in time.

Spanish pike. ( I know there are some Swiss and Landsknecht figures and flags- I was short ok?)
 The Swiss, being Swiss, and Nick being Nick, we knew that we would be in for a violent and rapid advance. We weren't disappointed as they came racing across the field in their traditional three block formation. They ploughed into my line which held on by the slimmest of margins, as the Spanish cavalry swept away ( well, after a very tough and close fight) Nick's cavlary and hit the side of the Swiss pike block. The Swiss fought valiantly but with my Jinetes tormenting the rear of their block, the Spanish sword and buckler men hitting their flanks...and joining by the knights it was almost over.

The Duke of Lorraine, allied to the Swiss.

The Swiss!!

The Large Block!

Swiss pike.

The Spanish Line

Spanish Right Flank

The Swiss advancing rapidly.

Bloody mass melee...which the Swiss were winning....until ( as you can see on the left ) the Sword and Buckler men hit their flank

Fighting along the line....and there isn't much of the Spanish left!!!

The Final stages of the game as the Swiss pike smash into the Spanish line.....but are Flanked by my cavalry and sword and buckler men.


  1. Truly impressive looking collections!

  2. Spectacular and beautiful armies, I love your pike units, most impressive!