Thursday, April 20, 2017

D-Day Bolt Action

Spyros has one of the best terrain boards for D-Day. Built by Joe, its an amazing piece of wargames terrain and I've been hanging to give it a go!
Phil and I went to Spyros' for a game...and I forgot my camera...damn!!
So apologies to Spyros, I pinched some the pictures from his blog. Go to No Duff Gamer Blog for a full write up and lots more pics!
It was the first wave of Omaha with the German defenders giving the Americans a hard time. Full write up on Spyros' blog!


German Defenders of the Atlantic Wall

Hit the Beach!!

Tom Hanks' Landing Craft

"We gotta get off the beach!"

I know, there was no armour on Dog Green....but hey, it's just a game ok??

Isolated units got off the beach, past the seawall, over the barbed wire.....but the Germans quickly dealt with them.

Things do not really go well for the Americans!!


  1. Spectacular and most impressive pictures!!

  2. Outstanding effort mate. Can't wait to do it again>

  3. Nice pics we did something similar. ..glasgow warhogs blog if you want some pictures