D-Day Bolt Action

Spyros has one of the best terrain boards for D-Day. Built by Joe, its an amazing piece of wargames terrain and I've been hanging to give it a go!
Phil and I went to Spyros' for a game...and I forgot my camera...damn!!
So apologies to Spyros, I pinched some the pictures from his blog. Go to No Duff Gamer Blog for a full write up and lots more pics!
It was the first wave of Omaha with the German defenders giving the Americans a hard time. Full write up on Spyros' blog!


German Defenders of the Atlantic Wall

Hit the Beach!!

Tom Hanks' Landing Craft

"We gotta get off the beach!"

I know, there was no armour on Dog Green....but hey, it's just a game ok??

Isolated units got off the beach, past the seawall, over the barbed wire.....but the Germans quickly dealt with them.

Things do not really go well for the Americans!!