SEVEN YEARS WAR- Prussians vs Prussians

Nick brought his beautifully painted Prussians to increase the value of my garage substantially. (doubled the value in fact!) So we also took the opportunity to play a game. A nice simple scenario, two identical forces are marching towards each other and have to capture the hills to pave the way for the main body. (the vanguard of their respective Prussian armies- yes it was Prussians vs Prussian, although Nick says the Russians are a work in progress!) 
Two Hussar Regiments, 6 Infantry battalions, 1 Cuirassier each, 1 Dragoon and two guns was the total OOB for both sides. Equal forces- it always happened historically didn't it?

The Prussian Light Cavalry leading the column. Which one? Both of course!

1st Brigade of Infantry

One Prussian C in C.

Such Prussian order!

The guns!!

You've got to love this Command base. Most sets of rules...well all of them in fact call for a larger than normal base with the CinC and his subordinates/runners/hangers on /sycophants/advisors/baristas ( take your pick) but when Peter Callan did this for Nick he went overboard!! It's the biggest command stand ever...Ross and Paul named it the 'the Death Star'.

Look at all those flags- I think it's Frederick celebrating another victory!

Top view!

Cuirassiers and Dragoons

View of the table, Prussians at the top, Prussians at the bottom.

The armies deploy in a race to capture the hills

In the end , guess what? was a Prussian victory. ... and a Prussian defeat. Good one Frederick! No wonder he was 'the Great'- able to win and be defeated in the same battle!


  1. So many beautiful pics here! I love the celebration victory vignette, outstanding! And, of course, your wonderful cavalry additions...

    1. Thank you Phil! Yes Nick's command stand is very impressive.

  2. Beautiful units, even if they are Prussians. One cant beat a large command base, it makes it easier to be in command distance.

    1. Thanks Robbie, yes..I'm looking forward to seeing the Russians- and yes that command base means that the whole table is in command radius!