ACW 28mm The Battle of Groveton ( Brawner's Farm) 28th August 1862

This was the opening round of Second Manassas and using Nick's (formerly Phil's) figures I had the table ready at the moment when Stonewall Jackson turned to his Brigade Commanders behind the railway embankment and said 'Bring out your men, gentlemen'. His artillery then fired on Gibbon's Brigade!

Zouaves march past Dogan's farm on the way to Groveton.

The layout was historical, and along with Phil as the Union commanders, we hoped we could get a historical result and establish the reputation of the Iron Brigade. Nick, Ross and Richard as the Rebels definitely had other ideas.
 With the sound of the guns, the Union boys went from march column into line facing the butternut waves coming over the railway embankment. Phil was a little more aggressive and with Hatch's brigade launched himself at Early's troops (Ross) who were outnumbered 3 regiments to 5. That was the only part of the battlefield where the Blue had more than the Grey, I watched as double lines came at me and was beginning to wonder about the possibility of reinforcements as the thin blue line came under a lot of pressure very quickly.

With both lines now blasting away at each other, the weakness in my line was becoming evident and iI said to Phil "I'm in trouble' after he had driven Early back. He reorientated a couple of his regiments, but my line collapsed before they could arrive and make an impact!
The Iron Brigade with the Commander General Gibbon in the lead!
A good game all round with the Brothers expressing satisfaction at the rules, the figures, the terrain and the Rebel win. Well, three of them anyway. Phil and I said we'd do better next time!!! Or else!
The men of the iron Brigade: 2nd, 6th and 7th Wisconsin and the 19th Indiana

The 2nd Wisconsin

Trimble ad Balyor's Brigades! (Nick)

Early's brigade (Ross) on the rebel left.

Stonewall with his artillery- 'You may open fire Sir"

Lawton's Brigade behind the railway embankment- watching the Union troops march past in the distance.


The battlefield. In the foreground, Brawner's farm.

My boys waiting......

Trimble's Brigade : (Behind left )15th Alabama, 21st and 12th Georgia  in front- commanded by Richard.- By this stage they had swept away the 6th and 7th Wisconsin and I was in trouble.


  1. What a great looking game, wonderful pictures, terrain and minis!

  2. Thanks for a great game explanation and plenty of pictures ,the layout looks good and the figures adequate.
    I hope you do another ACW again before the end of the year .

    1. Adequate? You're a funny man Mr H. There is a few more on the cards for later in the year - for sure!