Romans and Macedonians- Ancients

( A report from about two years ago- that I wrote up- and never posted!) Some of the Brothers were summoned to a game of monumental importance. Well, it wasn't all that important, but someone must have thought it was important because there was an almost full house with 9 assembled in the understated elegance of my overdone car park spaces. Ross, Paul, Geoff, Richard, Roger, Lochlainn, Nick, Phil and I piled in on a cold winter's night to watch two large armies, Romans and Macedonians vie for the right to be proclaimed victor for the night- a rather dubious honour! It was good to have a big gathering again for an ancient game- coffee was on the boil, chocolate biscuits were on the table and the game was on. Geoff, Nick, Paul, Roger and Lochlainn were the Romans and Richard, Phil, Ross and I were the Macedonian.
Given my record with my Roman armies of late- no one was willing to let me side with the Legions!

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