Teddy Bear Fur Terrain!!

Don't be put off by the title- I've got this idea from lots of other blogs ( not least Jay's Wargaming- see down the right hand side.- and he does a brilliant job)  So I thought I'd give this a try- just a small piece to try the techniques. In the end the final piece still needs a little more work- but I don't think it turned out too bad...and it was much faster than my Pacific Island terrain! ( and about 1/4 the size!)

See for yourself. I added a few figures to see the effect.

The final effect.

The original piece ( with a bit of brown spray paint!)

The road- lots of paint sand and PVA

My Anglo-Danes on the edge

Well if the Anglo-Danes are standing on one end that's slightly raised- well then I should add some Normans!!

I think that it turned out ok- but next time I'd use a darker base rather than the light green.