Batlle of Binh Ba- Vietnam - Modern Bolt Action.

The table from the Australian end- the APCs and Centurions advance.
This battle was one of the major actions undertaken by the Australian Task force during the Vietnam War. On the 6th June 1969, D Company 5 RAR commanded by Major Murray Blake, was called out with a troop of Centurions and APCs as part of 1ATF Ready Reaction Force in response to enemy activity in the village of Binh Ba to the north of the Australian base at Nui Dat. Binh Ba had been occupied by Vietnamese forces ( 33NVA Regiment and D440 Battalion) and had to be removed.
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The Town

Spyros has the figures for both sides of this engagement and wanted to throw them onto the table. I set up the table and Phil and I played the NVA, Spyros commanded the Aussies.

With a quick advance, Spyros knew that he had to move fast as he had limited time to complete his objectives. The NVA troops were spread throughout the village and Phil and I knew we just had to hold on to win the game. Our biggest advantage was the large number of RPGs allocated to each squad- and ( unhistorically) a T55 tank. Spyros' approach was to keep moving- leaving an APC with a squad or two and a Centurion to deal with each strongpoint, neutralise it and move on. We later debated whether he would have been better off focussing all his firepower at each defending position as it become known, neutralise it and move on, or disperse his troops as he did leaving portions of his command to deal with each strong point.

In the end he managed to clear the village, but the RPGs had taken their toll with all APCs and both Centurions damaged or destroyed.

A very close fought game- with high casualties on both sides.

NVA move into position

NVA move forward

The Aussie troops.

The Armour

NVA regulars advance cautiously- with RPGs

The ATF Armour advances

Centurion and APC blasting NVA strongpoints.

Aussie infantry dismount and advance

Into the town-.

Close co-operation - APCs, infantry and Centurion

APC takes a hit.

APC and centurion hit- those damned RPGS- the NVA did get lucky with out die rolls- the T55 barely hot anything but just about every RPG shot struck home.

The T55 pokes its nose around the corner, fires, misses, waits, fires, misses, waits, fires, misses. It was still firing and missing when the game ended.

Centurion crawling cautiously 

Table at near games' end- the APCs and one of the Centurions on fire or damaged

The last turn- village cleared, Aussie infantry house clearing, vehicles damaged or knocked out.


  1. Very, very impressive game, John! Love to see the modern AFV's.

    1. Thanks Dean- Spyros has loads of modern AFVs and very nicely painted.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank YOU Spyros- always a good game when we play!

  3. Nice report John, splendid and atmospheric terrain and great looking minis...Excellent!

  4. Thank you Phil, I always appreciate your support!

  5. Excellent layout stuffed full of terrain and fine figures.

  6. Great stuff Jonny,


  7. Superb looking terrain, vehicles and figures.