AWI- SPRINGFIELD 23rd June 1780

While the main focus of the war shifted south, the commander of the British Army in New York was under pressure to do something rather than watch the Continentals across the river in the Jerseys.

Our game represents the result of that pressure when Knyphausen crossed the Rahway River near the town of Springfield in June of 1780.

The British side of the table- the Rahway river - the crossings held by two continental units- the river was fordable along it's length but slow going and disordering for the formed troops. The buildings in the middle represent the small town of Springfield.

The battle took a few hours and the end result was an historical result- unlike my last two AWI games. The Redcoats poured into Springfield but couldn't make headway and were forced to withdraw- which is what Knyphausen was forced to do- he burnt the town and withdrew.
The American side of the table

Dickinson's Militia Brigade.

The river and main crossing points.

Continentals guard the bridge

The crossing point- Jagers take pot shots at the Continentals- they would actually decimate the artillery crews.

Militia on the American left flank- Greene kept his troops well back from the river- until the British showed where they were crossing- then the Patriots raced to the river to block the Redcoat advance.

The American left- held by a unit of continentals- some of Harry Lee's cavalry and light infantry.

I want the regulars here!

Queen's Rangers charge the Patriot Artillery while the Jaegers keep the Patriot infantry occupied

Continentals moving into the wheat fields.

Militia moving fast to guard the river bank.

The man himself- Nathaniel Greene- soon to be sent to the Carolinas.

The Guards Battalions and their light infantry plunge in to the waters

Hessian guns firing at the Continentals. 

Redcoats and Hessians pour into Springfield.

British Artillery softening up the opposition before the crossing.

British Regulars watch the riflemen across the river

Picking off the cavalry from the safety of the tree line.

Militia , artillery and riflemen.

Militia nervously wait for the British Cavalry

The Fight at the edge of Springfield

Guard Battalion advances- taking fire from riflemen, militia, Continentals and artillery!!

Continentals and Militia on the Patriot left, jostle for position in the edge of the river bank- waiting for the redcoats to come across.

British General watches the Hessians capture the outskirts of Sprinfield. 

Militia wait patiently- they've got no choice- you don't expect them to charge do you?

Continentals vs Hessians


  1. Great looking game and models.

  2. Great Report- what are you using for terrain? Are they custom built?

  3. Hi John,
    thank you. Yep, each tile is 12mm chipboard, painted and flocked. Roads painted on, as is the waterway.