Empress Miniatures: SAS Sniper Team

My son ( junior Nick), was very keen on the Empress Miniatures SAS sniper team, so a small order for the said team and the SAS squad was entered via email, and a couple of weeks later duly arrived and he set to work to get them ready for the table! I think he did a great job - for a 13 year old!
The finished product

Sniper and Spotter - half way through the paint job

The SAS team- not finished but a work in progress

The Sniper

Sniper team takes up a rooftop position

The Spotter


  1. Not too bad! Does he do commission work? His work is better than mine.

  2. Very tidy work! A deadly little pair which would grace any tabletop. Aye, Rusty.

  3. Thanks guys. My son will be very pleased to hear that he has 'blog reader approval'!