Royal Marine Commandos: Falklands 1982

I recently bought a magazine celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Falklands War and found myself wondering about gaming possibilities. Now if you are like me and follow Rusty's 'Hurry up and Wait' Blog ( see the list on the right hand side) in which he is recreating the whole war in miniature you would be aware that there are some great gaming possibilities. So, inspired by some magazines, Rusty's Blog- and some great miniatures from Gripping Beast's MO-FO range-  I painted up 20 Royal Marine Commandos. They turned out better than I camera wasn't up to the task of photographing the detail in the camouflage.....then again maybe there was no detail to pick up! Next, Argentine Marines!

I really like these figures and bought 20. I've got some Argentines on the way and I think  when they get here I'll order some Paras too.
      I'll have to build some specific terrain and using a suitable set of rules- probably Force on Force- I'll get some games in with the Brothers.
 That said there is actually a scenario in the Force on Force Rules for Top Malo House- fought in the Falklands on 31st May 1982. It involved 19 Commandos from the Mountain and Artic Warfare Cadre and  12 Argentinian Special Forces...I'll aim to get that up and running soon!

Need to be flocked and then they are ready to 'yomp across the Falklands'

Three done- the one on the right still has black undercoat

Nearly done!

On Patrol! GPMG on the left!


  1. Looking forward to the Argies mate..should be good.

  2. A salty looking section of Bootnecks John. Looking forward to seeing them get stuck into some action soon (otherwise I'd be glad to see em re-enforcing the Hurry Up and Wait campaign!) Aye, Rusty

  3. Thanks Rusty- I don't think that they are up to the same standard as your lads...but it was my first attempt at DPM- After the Argies arrive I'll try some Paras.

  4. Thanks Tarty, the Argies are on their way!