Oversized Force on Force: A full day's game

A friend of mine, Spyros, came over during the school holidays with his son Evan for a game. Spyros is a very serious gamer and his collection of World War II and modern stuff is enormous. His Force on Force terrain is actually pretty spectacular and so we combined all of mine with his for a game that involved my son Nick, and two of Nick’s friends- Jack and Connor and Spyros and Evan.
The Mission:  A combined US Marine and Bundeswehr ( German Army) operation was designed to flush out  a high value target (HVT) - the local insurgent leader. Evan and Jack played the Bundeswehr . Nick was the US Marines and Spyros, Connor and I were the Taliban. The Bundeswehr's job was to move from one end of the table to the other, take out the target and then arrive safely at the US Marine compound.

Overview- impressive stuff!

Things didn’t start out so well for Jack, who although he took out an enemy cell  early in the game came under sustained fire very quickly and was pinned down. Evan used this distraction to get very quickly to the location of the HVT and took out the target and HVT's whole body guard unit. It was at this point that things started to get tough for the allies. Both Bundeswher teams were pinned down and a call went out to the US Marines who mounted their Humvees and tore through town machine gunning anything that was armed and moved.  

The Table- gotta love Spyros' apartment buildings in the center.

Taking photos!

The Marine convoy got hit with RPGs in the center of town and took two casualties. Nick withdrew them very quickly- minus one vehicle, and this gave Evan time to extract his team. Then the Fog Of War card was drawn that stated there was another HVT in the area. By this stage it was late in the day and the allies realised they weren't going to accomplish this second part of their mission. It was a fun game on some great terrain! Thanks boys!

The US Marines, leave their compound in a hurry to lend a hand

An RPG takes out the first Humvee

The mortar that fired all day

The US Marine Compund and the Humvees waiting to go

 More of Spyros' terrain

Street View


  1. Great game. Whens the next one?

  2. what a cracking game!


  3. Thanks Matt! The buildings really set the scene!

  4. Hey John,

    I have recently started collecting miniatures for FoF. I have been trolling your website and love your replays. Can I ask where you got the modular boards you use for your FoF games? They look great!

    Looking forward to the next FoF replay, keep up the great work!

    1. Hi Jason,
      this particular board was actually made for my friend Nick's Rorke's Drift collect. There is a whole post on the Blog outlining how I made it- just textured paint and flock!

  5. Thank you! Spyros has the best stuff- I just supplement his buildings with my stuff.