AWI - Playing British Grenadier

Ross, Phil and I decided to give the AWI another go to try and get a better handle on the British Grenadier Rules.

The scenario was for a small British column to make its way across the table to link up with a Brigade of Hessians who were waiting for them.
The Patriots' objective was to stop them.
A fictional scenario using various troops from different theatres but kinda influenced by the battle of Princeton.
The British started by marching from one table edge in column as the Patriots entered the table to their right.
Brunswick Regiment Prinz Friedrich  watches the Americans  arrive. Hessian Jagers to the right.

American columns moving up the table to stop the British Regulars

The 21st Regiment of Foot advancing, American columns to their right coming up the road.

Hessian Grenadiers deployed and ready

The 9th Foot advancing as the officers debate

American Columns

US Militia

Lee's light infantry move through the woods, following the banks of a creek

British Light Infantry waiting

More Militia arrives

The 4th Maryland Continentals Arrive

The 4th Maryland vs the 21st Foot

The Germans waiting in line.

The British in line at the very top of the picture as the Patriot forces advance against them. The Hessians are at the right , just off the picture.

Hessian Grenadiers vs Militia line

The 21st Foot facing the 4th Maryland- and some rifle skirmishers- Both are about to get swept away in a bayonet charge.

The 21st (blue flag) and the 9th (yellow) launch charges and drive away the Americans facing them, They are now behind the Militia...and on the flank of the 3rd New York.

The final move- The 21st and 9th foot advance and literally sweep all before them. The 3rd New York has its flank exposed in the middle.  The state troops behind them and in the bottom right corner are in all sorts of trouble. Two other continental regiments have fled, only one , the 1st Maryland- in front of the building is holding-.....a decisive British victory.


  1. Looks fantastic. Great pics and scenery.
    Have the rules - but they always seemed complicated and hadn't tried the Nap version. Your post has made me look again...

    1. Thank you! The rules are complicated and it's taken me a while to get my head around them. I'm still struggling with some of the ideas. But I won't give up on them just yet! I like them because they give an authentic feel to the game that, to me, seems to reflect the historical actions I've read about.