Ross wanted to give his French a run so my Spanish emerged to teach those nuisances from the north a lesson in respect.
With a combination of light cavalry, heavy knights, loads of arquebus and pike, I was against Ross' French who had just as many pike, more knights, less light cavalry and more archers!!!
I weighted my right flank with the bulk of my army- but Ross had guessed where the bulk of my army would there was not going to be any fancy business. This was gonna be a bloodbath!

The armies at deployment

My Spanish Pike ( I know there are some Swiss Flags in there - i was short!)

Ross' French carried the honours for the day although my Pike in triple ranks gave a very good account of themselves against his Swiss pike. Normally my Italian and Spanish Pike have really just been a speed hump for the Swiss to push over and keep going.....but not today- I not only held his Swiss up but caused them some considerable casualties-  but unfortunately they failed their morale and finally broke. Damn!!

My knights with the jinetes in front. My Spanish knights hit the French hard and it looked like I was going to beat I attached my general to deliver the coup de grace....

French Knights


The main French line.

Game turn 4 where the Pike Blocks have slammed into each other in the middle.


View from my side!

Ross' French archers moving into position- these guys caused me all sorts of problems!

The flower of Spanish Knighthood- about to hit the Flower of French Knighthood!!

Heavy metal!! I attached my general which gave me a slight advantage in melee- unfortunately the general got himself badly wounded, which meant that my knights were without a commander for two turns- in confusion and wavering morale they couldn't charge to finish off the retreating French nights....Ross' bowmen then shot them to bits.

Bird's eye view of the pikes.

My one area of success- chasing Ross' light cavalry away

Get him! ( they didn't before the rest of the army collapsed)