SENSATION AT THE UN : Assassination attempt of President T’Mbolo M’Shombou MODERN AFRICA PART 4

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A sensational report was tabled in the United Nations this afternoon.  Members of private military company Bilgewater Inc were involved in an attempted coup in Zogo in the last 24 hours with an unprecedented attack on President for Life T’Mbolo M’Shombou. Reports from Zogo state media allege that hundreds of white mercenaries were killed and that the President’s armoured Mercedes Benz suffered a paint scratch for which the President has vowed revenge to cover the insurance costs.

The Table; City to the top left, airport to the right behind the trees.

------------------------BILGEWATER INC: (Internal Memo)-------------------------

Bilgewater Inc. as a private military contract corporation has been engaged by Patangan leaders to assist in their struggle for independence against the corrupt and sadistic regime of T’Mbolo MShombou. The corporation has agreed to assist the Independence leader Beeka Momfasa in his struggle.  The Company decided, that rather than provide advisors and military equipment to the rebels, to conduct an operation on its own initiative. Given that the regime is being held together in the person of the current President, removal of said individual is advised.

4 “sticks” of 4 men each and a sniper team will be deployed to neutralise T’Mbolo M’Shombou. After his last two victories against both Northern and Southern rebels, M’Shombou will be conducting a Triumph through the streets of the capital. He will then proceed to M’shombou Stadium along M’Shombou Boulevard to a sold-out crowd to speak to the population about his victories. This speech, allocated a 16 hour window to be completed (confirm : sixteen hours) will then be succeeded by the Presidents’ convoy departing towards the airport. It is at this point that the opportunity will present itself for our teams to complete their mission for regime destabilisation.

Once in position, the teams will carry out the mission. Requirements: The President is expecting to fly out in his personal Black Hawk helicopter. In a nearby airfield, 22 kilometres away, in cooperation with anti M’Shombou dissidents an exact replica of the President’s Black Hawk will be prepared. M’Shombou Black Hawk is a gift from his friend and personal mortgage broker Donald ‘Bud’ Howard. (A wealthy international financier and renown philanthropists and philanderer who builds homes for widows of mercenaries and nameless henchmen,  well connected to various Superpower regimes and known supporter of tin pot dictators. )

The Black Hawk will land, as a deception, to allow extraction of the 16 Bilgewater Inc. operatives.
---------------------MISSION PENDING-------------------

The main area where the ambush was set

 -------- ZOGO STATE MEDIA REPORT: Official government sanctioned report.------

Our Beloved Leader and Father of our People, the Magnanimous President for Life proved to all his faithful and the admiring world at large that he is the nation’s destiny and a man chosen by the Almighty for greatness. Today, on the very steps of our capital, evil, greedy white pirates attempted to harm our beloved Father. As his convoy left the capital to drive to the airport where his transport awaited, a so called ‘sniper team’ of said European robber scum were spotted by the ever-vigilant President, and even though they fired shots into his vehicle, the bullets bounced off his chest. His private minder was hit by the ricochet and in true faith to our President stated that he was happy to die from the ricochet of a bullet that had last touched the President. The President then fired a single shot from his gold plated .45 calibre pistol, killing both men with a single shot.

Within seconds the eagle eyes of the Nation’s Father spotted another team of robbers who would steal from the people. These were very quickly neutralised even though a shot was fired by the European white filth. The President, with a little assistance from his tank, armoured cars and one bodyguard was able to deal with these foreign devils.
“With only two shots, the president was able to kill all four of the foreign cowards,” declared an admiring young captain of the Imperial Presidential Palace Grenadier Life Guards.
Despite the arrival of more pathetic white pirates, the President was able to fight off and kill the last of the foreign scum.
‘It is unfortunate,’ declared the Victorious Warlord, ‘that the remaining killers hijacked my personal helicopter and fled across the border. I will hunt them to the ends of the earth and make them pay for their depredations.”

-------------END MEDIA REPORT-------------------
Village on the outskirts of town

---------(+30 DAYS AFTER ACTION)-------

The after-action reports have been compiled by the notes and views of the Command Team, corroboration with UN and Media reports as well as our own operatives and informants on the ground in Zogo.
HUMAN RESOURCES NOTE: S Team, Blue, Red and Green Teams were all lost.

S(SNIPER) TEAM (AAR- After Action Report)
The target’s cavalcade proceeded along the expected route. It was unfortunate that our sniper team did not expect the level of efficiency from the President’s security detachment and their position was exposed before they could spring their ambush- they managed to get off one round killing M’Shombou’ personal body guard. The security detachment across the street opened fire, along with accompanying platoon in the following truck. Both men were hit and killed.
Performance: Poor.       
Recommendation: Don’t hire personnel from Craigslist anymore.

The vigilant nature of the security detachment also accounted for the exposure of our second squad- although they managed to shoot up the accompanying armoured Mercedes , a prolonged firefight with the truck born platoon ended in the death of the whole squad and several casualties amongst the Presidential Guard. Reports from Command team- multiple misfires- quality of firearms was compromised. Misfires, failure to fire, indicative of poor quality weapons
Performance: Poor.             
Recommendation: Personnel: AS PREVIOUS.
Equipment: Do NOT buy on eBay.

Green squad neutralised both Presidential Mercedes, and destroyed a complete squad of Guard. Unfortunately, they were caught in a crossfire between the President’s Private security detachment, two squads of Palace Guard and a T-55 tank. Green team detained the convoy long enough for a number of events to take place. The President and his driver were forced to disembark and find cover in a nearby building.
COMMENT: An interesting event took place here, an armoured car from the Zogon African Rifles (ZAR) began firing on the Presidential Guard causing casualties amongst the security detachments. Moments later a ZAR unit also changed sides and attacked an armoured vehicle of the convoy- unfortunately they threw a grenade into an open hatch, causing a firebomb that wiped out the APC, the crew and themselves.
A civilian fired an RPG at the presidential vehicle as a crowd of civilians threw rocks. They were all shot.

Performance : High .
Recommendation: Possible dissatisfaction amongst ZAR could be a cause for concern for regime and possible opening for exploitation. The teams should have been equipped with RPGs or like equipment to blow up Presidential vehicle, or project high explosive into the hiding place of target.

Red team’s position at the end high grass area meant that they were able to assist Green team. Silencing one Presidential Guard squad, they moved to the position to assist Green team, but were caught in the same crossfire. They held on long enough for the Command squad to seize the control tower and clear the runway area for extraction of the other teams.  None arrived. The Command squad was extracted.
Performance: High

Seized and cleared the airfield. They were assisted by an armoured vehicle which inexplicably opened fire on Guard units. The APC were hit by a guard RPG and the crew bailed out. They then proceeded to chase the T55 tank, but were cut down by Palace Guards.  Command squad personnel managed to speak to one of the wounded, who confessed to a hatred of the president as he had forced their youngest sister to become his 49th wife.
Performance: High
Recommendation: Future involvement may need to exploit Zogo grievances in any future operations. 

The Story of Agoau Aideed as told by his surviving wife.

“I have lived in this city all my life. My idiot husband has also lived here. In the days of the civil war he got an RPG. He carried it around with him during the civil war.  He fired it hundreds of times and never hit anything. When the war was over he still had two rockets. What an idiot. I kept telling him that he needed to get rid of it. When our President brought peace to the country, the idiot put it in his cupboard.
For 20 years.
Then last night when the shooting started, he saw a convoy of vehicles, and decided to grab his RPG yelling that the Belgians were back, and fired at the shiny new Mercedes that was speeding past. Naturally, he missed, just when his idiot friends started throwing rocks. They got shot. So, he fired again. Guess what? He missed. Then he got shot. Now I’m a widower. How will I feed my 12 children? What an idiot.”

The airport area

Some of the funniest events in this game happen due to our ‘FOG of WAR’ cards, specially written for the scenario.

So, The President for Life, Father and Messiah of the Nation of ZOGO, has survived. Now the only thing remaining is to hunt down Meeko Momfasa and his rebels in Patanga….and the country would be secure.

The landing strip

The Bilgewater Inc. PMCs.


The Palace (or Presidential Guard with armour support)

The Presidential Convoy leaves town- the Sniper team about to shoot.

The rock throwers and the lone RPG civilian ( see the end of the post)

Green Team opening fire

The President's Merc ( left) screeches past the APC

Palace Guard shooting at the snipers

Blue Team pumping lead into the Escort Mercedes

The President's Car ablaze by Green team- he got out and hid in the building 

The Escort dismount to deal with the mercenaries.

The security detachment jump out to deal with rock throwers and a RPG firer

The APC, that changed sides and started blasting the President's men.

The 'control' tower, with Guard and Tank support.

Squad on the airfield

Supporting troops firing at ambushers from a high point

The Alioua Brothers, whose youngest sister was forced to become M'Shombou's 49th wife. They objected and started shooting up his Palace Guard. When their vehicle was hit by an RPG , they bailed out..then chased the Guard T-55 to try and drop a grenade into an open hatch but were shot down.

Command team, clearing the airport.


Command team- The Black Hawk arriving- not the Presidents, but the Bilgewater Inc replica.

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The President surveys the battlefield - both Mercedes SUVs and two APCs were lost and over 30 of his Palace Guard.


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    1. Thanks Phil! It was a funny game to play!

  2. Brilliant!
    Should be made into a TV series, am looking forward to the next episode.

    1. Thank you- a mini series? Not a bad idea!

  3. I have not laughed so hard in a long time. This game was mighty enjoyable.

    I sense the next chapter in this epic saga will be the 'Revenge of the Wives'.