British Grenadier- American War of Independence.

Ross, Nick, Phil and I gave the British Grenadier rules a run last Friday. These rules are the AWI version for General de Brigade. They're very detailed and involved, but are good to play when you get the hang of them.
The scenario was simple: two small British brigades were faced by two larger Patriot brigades.
The British had 4 regular regiments : 9th, 21st , 53rd and 1/71st Regiments. A unit of Hessian Jaegers, a small unit of British Legion Horse and a Combined light infantry battalion.
 The Americans had 5 units of militia, 2 small units of Virginia Rifle skirmishers, a 4pdr artillery piece and 3 Continental Regiments ( 1st and 2nd Maryland and the 3rd New York.)

Hessian Jagers move in close- against Morgan's Virginia Riflemen

On the redcoat left, the 71st drove the militia from a defensive position behind some fences.
The centre saw a sustained firefight and then charges by the British regulars. One was successful, but the continental musketry forced the charging redcoats to fall back to regroup and come on again.

We didn't get to finish as we'd had a late start ( due to a blocked drain- don't ask) , but we liked the rules and want to give them another try.

Continentals and militia await the redcoats.

1/71st Advance against Carolina Militia!

"Wait boys...wait!! Hold Your fire!"

Patriots on the left, Redcoats on the right.

The 21st foot supporting the 53rd ( a bit too close lads- Damn the general, man!)

The 21st Regiment advances on the militia

The 9th Foot hitting the militia

The 3rd New York- in reserve 

The British Left

The centre

The 71st driving into the militia

The 71st - into the American position

British Legion Cavalry Charge the Patriot guns- they didn't get there.....


  1. A very enjoyable game .Figures look good.

  2. Outstanding figures, beautiful terrain and an most excellent write up.

  3. Wonderful looking armies and terrain!

    1. Thanks again Phil. I appreciate your continued support.